Robert Sedovsek
Photo taken at the New Adventures in Web Design (Nottingham, UK) by Nate Croft

Hey! I am Robert Sedovšek, former Celtra Software Engineer (R&D). Prior to that, I worked as a developer/designer, teacher (HTML and CSS) and was elected assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana. Currently focusing on my PhD, with the thesis titled “Evaluation of user experience in mobile advertising”. I live with my girl fiance and my cat two cats in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I will be available for hire from August, 2015. Feel free to contact me with your ideas.

Work, projects and passion

I am currently funemployed by choice, focusing on my PhD. Previously, I worked at Celtra as a software engineer, mostly front-end, and was involved in Vigred. Within years I've also had an opportunity to work with/for different companies and develope or help developed a variety of software, mostly in e-commerce branch. Just a short list of who uses software with my fingerprints (alphabetical order):

  • ARSO
  • BMW
  • DataTables
  • Delo
  • Luna\TBWA
  • LTFE
  • Monolit
  • Moment.js
  • Nissan
  • Pedigree
  • Relax Turizem
  • Roberto Curtò
  • Simobil
  • Tina Maze
  • Toyota

Software and technologies

  • Strong HTML and CSS believer,
  • W3C standards, ECMAScript,
  • CSS3 layout features, such as regions, exclusions, flexbox, grids, etc.,
  • I do pass Rebecca Murphey's Baseline for Front-End (JS) developer,
  • I am Slovenia CSS Meetup organiser,
  • I do big data things to my pet projects if the dataset is small.

Formal education

Graduated with honors at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engeneering, on »Software development for game based mobile learning supported by eMapps« in the year 2008 under the supervision of doc. dr. Bojan Petek.

During my postgraduate study I was awarded with the Zois scholarship for gifted and talented. Currently acquiring PhD, where my area of interest are user-centred design, user interfaces and overall performance of enclosed user experience.

What I do

I enjoy coding and design. Somestimes I shoot (Flickr & Instagram). Occasional reader. Whiskies, watches (#1, #2, #3) and cats (#1, #2) are my thing. Also basketball, but I am horrible at it.

I am eager to make technology easier and nicer to use, which is also the scientific field of my postgraduation study. I equally love going to, or speaking at the conferences.