Robert Sedovšek has 8 years experience in web development & design and is currently employed at Celtra (@CeltraMobile) Turtl, mainly working on perfecting its core product.

Robert earned his PhD in 2016 at the University of Ljubljana (title of thesis: Evaluation of user experience in mobile advertising).



  • perfecting the product,
  • W3C, standards, browsers,
  • layout, design and performance,


html5 css3 javascript user interfaces automation mobile angular user experience research front-end shell backbone coffeescript grunt git


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Robert Sedovšek
Ljubljana, Slovenia

I speak:

  • English
  • Slovene
  • German
  • Croatia/Serbian/Bosnian

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People about me

Rodoljub Petrović photo Rodoljub Petrović,
CTO at TVbeat

I hired and managed Robert while I was the VPE at Celtra.

Robert is not just another frontend developer. He is not just a guy who knows CSS and JavaScript and can put together a web UI. Robert constantly lives in the future of the web. He always wants to do things better, simpler. His job doesn't end with a functional UI. He wants to truly understand both the product and the user and find new ways to improve user experience.

I also very much enjoyed working with Robert as a human being. His humour (and dialect) kept us laughing even during the most stressful crunch times. He is eager to offer a helping hand and always wants to learn more from his teammates.

I highly recommend having Robert on your product development team. If you can give him the right challenge, I'm sure he can become one of your best.

Matjaž Lipuš photo Matjaž Lipuš,
Javascript / SPA developer at Elance

Robert is experienced front-end developer, who takes care of pixel perfect CSS design. He is also fluent with JavaScript, CoffeeScript and other web technologies. He is interest in emerging standards about CSS and web development, and experimenting with cutting edge techniques, like flex box, exclusion, shapes, etc. He is also known for his sense of humor, with his native accent, which you can't resist. :)