Responsive Web Design in Slovenia

This article is about responsive web design and development in Slovenia. This goes either for Slovene websites or websites build by slovene authors. The article contains a collection of websites using media queries and responsive web design.

The Idea

Create one version of the site design, code & content that responds to the limitations of the environment it's viewed in. — Marko Mrdjenovič

Marko Mrdjenovič (@friedcell) organized an event at Kiberpipa (@kiberpipa), titled MiniConf: Responsive Design & Development featuring 5 great speakers debating over responsive web design, techniques, tools and everything related.

A list of speakers and their talks at the MiniConf:

Marko Mrdjenovič (@friedcell)
Defining Breakpoints
Davorin Pavlica (@DavorinPavlica)
Kako (obstoječe) strani narediti prilagodljive?
Marko Samastur (@samastur)
Prilagodljive razpredelnice (Tables in responsive layouts)
Sara Tušar Suhadolc (@saratusar)
Responsive Web Design
Matjaž Korošec (@matjazkorosec)
Tools that help and speed up RWD dev in 10 min

The state of ever-changing landscape of devices, browsers, screen sizes and orientations has brought us to a point where we strive to deliver content to every user, not by designing web version with most common screen resolution but rather design to adapt the content to its medium.

Marko (@friedcell) pointed out to define breakpoints (ie. the width where content feels overcrowded and stuffed) rather than defining each style for somehow generic resolutions (defined as mobile, tablet, notebook and desktop).

A collection of RWD websites in Slovenia

I have decided to do a little research on how many websites are build "responsively" by slovene authors. Unfortunatelly not so many, but some are fantastic and should definitely be published on // which is a collection of best practices - an inspirational websites using media queries and rwd.

The reason for lack might be client's unawareness of mobile and tablet usage growth and the somehow frightening fact mentioned by Sara Tušar Suhadolc (@saratusar) that on average there is 3-4 times more time spent to design a *somehow* responsible website.

LGBTQ Slovar

Author: Maja Kraljič (@princessdesign) Updated:

Cosmopolitan Slovenija

Author: Davorin Pavlica (@DavorinPavlica) Updated:

Author: Davorin Pavlica (@DavorinPavlica) Updated:

Odvetniška pisarna PETEK

Author: Marko Mrdjenovič (@friedcell)

Radio NULA

Author: Marko Mrdjenovič (@friedcell)

Vinski vodič

Author: Marko Mrdjenovič (@friedcell)


Authors: Matjaž Korošec (@matjazkorosec), Miha Hribar (@mihahribar) & Natan Nikolič (@natannikolic)

Editorial - demo

Authors: Matjaž Korošec (@matjazkorosec), Miha Hribar (@mihahribar) & Natan Nikolič (@natannikolic)


Author: Natan Nikolič (@natannikolic)


Author: Sara Tušar Suhadolc (@saratusar)


Author: Sara Tušar Suhadolc (@saratusar), Marko Kadić

Romina / designer

Author: Romina Kavčič (@rominadesigner)

Designer Manca Gracar

Author: Manca Gracar (@mancagracar)

Marko Samastur

Author: Marko Samastur (@samastur)


Author: Marko Samastur (@samastur)

The CSS Layout Handbook

Author: Klemen Slavič (@krofdrakula)


Author: Creatim Ržišnik Perc - Marketing za digitalni svet //

Mommylike | Oblačila za nosečnice

Author: D·Labs //

Responsive Web Design is an interesting topic to discuss (& to work on) and clearly has a bright future regarding the number of devices connected to the world wide web which will mostly definitely expand explode (recommended reading: responsive web design: missing the point by Brad Frost, @brad_frost), so I wanna hear from you. Is your content responsive yet? If not, why? And if you are a designer/developer, I wanna know what is your approach how do you persuade your clients into going responsive?

And most importantly, If you know any other website using responsive web design build made in Slovenia, please let us know!

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