General info

Hello! I am Robert Sedovšek, a PhD student at the University of Ljubljana and a full-time continuously learning passionately curious enthusiast. I was born on 10th of october 1984 in Slovenj Gradcec, Slovenia. I live in my own appartment in Mežica [see coderoom].

Formal education

I attended elementary school in Mežica where I was rewarded for eight years of excellence. In 2003, after I successfully completed Gymnasium Ravne na Koroškem, I enrolled in the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engeneering, where I gratuated with honors on »Software development for game based mobile learning supported by eMapps« in the year 2008 under the supervision of doc. dr. Bojan Petek.

I am currently a third-year student of postgraduate study and I am being awarded with the Zois scholarship for gifted and talented. My area of interest are language technologies and natural language processing (NLP).

Software and technologies

  • Storing amounts of data in: MySQL, Oracle, MsSQL;
  • Prefer to code in PHP (CodeIgniter framework and Smarty template engine), familiar with others, too;
  • Exchanging data in/with: XML, Ajax, jSON, CSV, Excel, etc;
  • I operate systems: Windows (60%), MacOS (25%), Linux (15%);
  • Established Apache web server & Samba file server for personal use;
  • Wrote valid markup of documents in (X)HTML(5) and their style in CSS(3);
  • Amazed at JavaScript ability & daily jQuery user;
  • Pushing pixels, drawing vectors, done animations: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash;


I have working experiences as a freelance designer/developer & I work within Vigred (Praper d.o.o.) - a group of friends & a real team of computer enthusiast!
I prefer working in a team due to cooperation, which pumps through a team the energy, inspiration and knowledge of all individual members.

Dynamic audio speech database design (in progress)
Collaboration between Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and RTV Radiotelevizija Slovenija, Slovenian national broadcaster. Design and development of dynamic database of Slovene spoken language with suitable metadata.
Relax Turizem d.o.o. (in progress)
Design and development of user interface. Email newsletter design. Internationalisation.
Internal web application of Environmental Agency of Repulic Slovenia (ARSO). Development of user interface for large data representation. : Preveri svojo domeno .si.
Development of recommendation system for .si domains.
The system takes string or your Facebook data as an input and creates an array of suitable domains according to your query/profile. It also simultaneously acquires information of domain avaliability.
Developed for Arnes, in collaboration with LUNA\TWBA.
QFK (Quest for Knowledge) - Game Based Mobile Learning
Collaboration with Dušan Omerčevič and LTFE. STREP Funded under the European Commision`s FP6 IST Call4. Front and back-end development in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, etc.
Animations & other commercial websites (advertising)
Multiple animations ads (some can be viewed here: banners). Product websites, brand building websites and Facebook applications for different companies, including BMW, Nissan, Nivea, Krka, NLB, Luna\TBWA, etc.
In collaboration with LUNA\TBWA.
Web shop – PHP code, MySQL databases, javascript/css/xhtml visualisation, XML data export/import, etc.
Tina Maze website
Website development: blog, fanshop, PayPal integration, etc.
In collaboration with LDesign.
Co-founded photo portal

What I do

Besides having fun coding and doing things listed above, I shoot and I read a lot. Currently reading:
Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming,
Spoken Language Processing: A Guide to Theory, Algorithm and System Development,
The Smashing Book #2
and some others.

I am very interested in language technologies, which is the scientific field of my postgraduation study.

I love going to conferences and if or when I can - I share knowlede!

And this one really is worth mentioning - I use blank keyboard, Das Keyboard :).